movement in worship for men

ArtCross 2023

Alter: 16 – 99

This workshop sets the scene for men moving… within the context of Worship!

This workshop provides the building blocks for men to worship God with all of who they are: body, mind, soul and spirit. It will reclaim that moving in worship is a God given gift. You will develop your own movement vocabulary, which is unique to each individual. We will provide a biblical basis, which will permission us to use our physicality in worship.

This workshop will be held in English (Deutsch wird verstanden).

Max. Teilnehmerzahl = 25

Andy Au (GB)

is a director of Movement In Worship (, which is an international family of worshippers. He has been moving in worship, in churches, conferences and stadiums for 40 years. He believes that our bodies are key to releasing the full potential of our worship to God and that men should take their place beside women in this physical release. Andy is also a senior elder of City Gate Church.