ArtCross 2021

Alter: 14 – 99

Sculpting light and sound thru video

– video story telling for social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

To tell your story and to share it with the world, all you need is your smart phone and a simple editing software on your laptop or tablet. We will cover video production theory (basic “do’s and don’ts”) and film and edit our own stories. We will make up the video production team for some of the ArtCross events. This course is not for professional videographers or editors.

The workshop wil be held in English, but you may tell your story in any language of your choice. Bring your smartphones and laptops or tablets (2013 or younger) and comfortable headphones.

Max. Teilnehmerzahl = 10

Rory Alec (ZAF/A)

is a veteran TV producer/presenter and the pioneer of daily Christian television in the UK and Europe. In 1995 he launched GODTV, which has become a global multi-channel media platform reaching 187 countries.