physical theatre

artcross 2018

Alter: 17-50

Celebrating the rich life in theatre and the rich theatre in life!

This workshop offers a practical and dynamic exploration, training, development and performance opportunity in Phyiscal Theatre. Amongst others, this “movement-theatre workshop” will focus on skills like physicality/physicalisation, symbolism and representation, improvisation, character analysis, text, the “inner monologue”, stagecraft, movement vocabulary, devising, your own focus, structuring a theatre-arts piece, presentation and performance skills as well as professional critique.
Be prepared for an intensive, highly inspiring and exceptionally unique workshop experience.
This workshop will be held in English (Deutsch wird verstanden). of students = 12

Danny Scott (GB)

is an author, poet, singer, actor, dancer, director, performer. He works as artistic director, performer, consultant and mentor and has 25 years of international performing arts experience.

After winning an unprecedented double-scholarship to The London Mime Centre, where he specialised in contemporary mime-theatre and interdisciplinary theatre-arts, Danny graduated with a double-distinction in Mime and Physical Theatre.  Following this, he devised and then embarked on a number of solo performances around Europe before going on to study further, specialising in Acting, Devising and Directing at The Academy Of Performing Arts, Ontario, Canada (1990 –1993), where he became head of the Mime and Physical Theatre department;  Academy Vice-Principal, and later Artistic Director of Diakonos Physical Theatre (1992 – 2000).

 In addition to his work with his professional company, Danny also established himself as a freelance director, consultant and performer in 2002 and has continued to be in demand both in the UK and Europe, as well as internationally ever since, performing, directing and teaching in over 20 different countries to date.  Danny founded PointZero Physical Theatre in 2009.



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His desire to continue to create, teach and explore and perform new works, is complimented by his trade-mark relentless energy, hunger and explosive commitment to realise full potential, in all and everything that he does.
His radical, explosive and uncompromising, vision for creativity, harnessed to a rare sensitivity and passionate belief, has established him as both fiercely focused and extremely personable, allowing him special opportunities to premiere work, perform, direct and receive commissions in London, Paris, New York, Prague, Brisbane, Dubai, Sydney, Toronto and Vienna as well as numerous other countries world-wide.
Danny continues to be in demand internationally as a physical-performance artist, poet, lecturer, lyricist and freelance theatre consultant/director. – Danny is Artistic Director of “PointZero Physical Theatre”.